Construction Surveying

  • Surveying works for set out of buildings and infrastructure
  • Set Out, As Constructed, Audits, Project Survey Management
  • Volumetric surveys
  • Road and rail construction
  • Quality control/check surveying
  • Site/feature surveys
  • Boundary re-establishment
  • Site preparation surveys


  • LNG plants
  • Formwork set out for any concrete and civil works for any structure
  • Utility projects
  • Desalination plants
  • Bridges, tunnels and pipelines
  • Power stations

marine_iconMarine Works

  • Construction of jetties in harbour areas and engineering works in ports and harbours
  • Set out for girder and headstock positioning and marine piling for harbour extensions, wharfs, bridges, groynes and jetties
  • Bridges, tunnels and pipelines
  • Set out for installation of marine structures
  • Concrete panel placement


  • Site preparation
  • Airfields
  • Site access roads and haul roads
  • Piping and conveyor routes
  • Tailings and water dams
  • Road & Rail resumptions
  • New and replacement openings and closures for roads
  • Corridor surveys – road and rail


mechanical_iconMechanical Surveys


  • Structural steel set out and as-built surveying
  • Surveying for set out of industrial machinery
  • All types of mechanical surveying

mapping_iconMapping, detail, feature and topographic surveys

  • Utilities mapping
  • Geotechnical surveys
  • Alignment set out
  • Audit surveys for construction compliance and regulatory compliance
  • Volume surveys for civil works, mining applications and stockpiles
  • Aerial mapping of landscapes or structure

mining_iconMining Surveying


  • All surveying requirements associated with development, exploration and construction on mine sites
  • Surveying of all types of earthworks
  • Marking out, measuring and maintaining direction of all surface and underground workings on a mine site
  • Surveying of all types of mining infrastructure and plant

earthworks_uasUnmanned Aerial Surveying


  • Volume Assessments (Pit Volumes, Stockpiles)
  • Monitoring and Assessments
  • Asset & Plant Inspections
  • Digital Elevation Models / Digital Surface Models
  • Compliance Reporting
  • Environmental Assessments
  • Development Planning
  • Progress Reporting